Nano Capsules Microcosm Sport

Nano Capsules Microcosm Sport

Nano Capsules Microcosm Sport

Super Food Science in Nutrition

Nano Capsules MICROCOSM SPORT – Food Supplements in Thrive movements

60 capsules in blister packs per box (2 capsules per day)

Product of Norway – Exclusively patented


  • a. EPA: TG: Anti-inflammatory. Good mental health. Lowers triglyceride in blood.
  • b. DHA: TG Good mental health. Cardio vascular health. Lowers triglycerides in the blood.
  • c. Elderberry extract («elder»): Organic production ( Elderberry from this manufacturer is special for their properties (organic cultivation, special soil, immediate freeze drying after harvest, microfiltration method for commodity – without chemicals, alcohol or heat). Cytokines in «elder»: Is a powerful immunostimulatory protein will increase the body’s defenses from infections. Common cold , flu… other viral infections. Antioxidants in «elder»: Cynadin: an anthocyanin, powerful dye, red – purple color and has a number of proven health effects.
  • d. Vitamin D3: Vital for a normal bone health. To maintain skeletal calcium balance by promoting calcium absorption in the intestines. Vit D3 is also important in the immune system defences.
  • e. Vitamin K2: Cardiovascular health. An expensiv but very efficient and active vitamin supporting Vit D3/calcium metabolism, in the work on bone health. People with calcification on arteries (atherosclerosis) and osteoporosis may be helped.
  • f. Vitamin A: Retinol / carotenoid: important for vision, for immunity.
  • g. Vitamin E: Lipophilic antioxydant.

For sale outside Denmark!