About Us

Sealand Concept - Purveyor of fine food

Sealand Concept – Purveyor of fine food

Sealand Concept innovate, produce, market and sell a variety of fine organic foods. Our team of master chefs combine and use the birch tree in many known food products – Carefully choosing suppliers with the highest quality of organic foods. Thus, giving our customers a gourmet experience with every bite and a tap into some of nature’s finest gifts.

Sealand Concept was established in 2016 by the experienced chef Brian Junker

Brian Junker is an experienced chef who began his career at the Hotel Plaza and continued his career at the Hotel D’Angleterre as deputy, in the restaurant La Cocotte (Michelin star), Krogs Fish restaurant as a deputy head and Roy Hurtigkarl. Brian Junker was a chef at Nimb and Divan 1 and first special cook and sous chef at 5 stars cruise line Cunard Line.

After chef’s adventures, Brian Junker decided to develop high quality products and that resulted into development of Sealand Concept. This company produces, markets and sells variety of products that are related with birch tree. Sealand Concept carefully chooses all their suppliers in order to provide customers with the highest quality and organic products!

Sealand Concept sells such products as Organic Birch Water, Limited Edition Smoked Salmon that is smoked on birch barks, Organic Chocolate that is produced with birch water and syrup, Icelandic Salt with birch tree leaves and Organic Musli produced with birch syrup.